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Riviera Maya Travel Guide

Theme Parks to Visit in Riviera Maya

Discover the best theme parks in Riviera Maya! Explore Xcaret Park, Xel-Ha Park, Xplor Park, and Sian Ka’an Village. From underground rivers and snorkeling to zip-lining and jungle tours, there’s something for everyone.

Plan your perfect Mexico vacation today!

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your next vacation in Mexico, look no further than the theme parks in Riviera Maya! This region is home to world-class theme parks that offer a wide range of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages.

Exploring the Best Theme Parks and Attractions in Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya is famous for its theme, adventure, and eco-parks. Some of these are world-class for the quality of their attractions, organization, and level of service. Choosing where to go will depend on your interests, budget, and the type of adventure you want to experience.

Let’s take a look at the top seven theme parks in the Riviera Maya.

Discover the Wonders of Xcaret Park

One of the most popular theme parks in the area is Xcaret Park, where you can explore underground rivers, snorkel in a coral reef, visit a traditional Mexican cemetery, and watch an impressive display of traditional dances and performances.

Xcaret is one of the best-known and most popular destinations in the Mayan Rivera, and it’s a combination of a water park and a nature park. There are more than fifty attractions in this natural park and the theme is Mexico’s cultural traditions and folklore.

You can swim in the underground rivers, and explore the Aviary, the Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Butterfly Garden, where you’ll be in close contact with nature. Enjoy delicious typical and international cuisine.

Get to know Mayan archaeological remains and learn about the culture and traditions of this fascinating country.

Xcaret has its own all-inclusive hotel, where you will enjoy a unique stay. AIt is an innovative and sophisticated complex that provides unlimited access to all major parks, food and drinks, transportation between parks, and airport–hotel–airport transfers.

Experience the Natural Beauty of Xel-Há Park

Another popular theme park is Xel-Ha Park, which is known for its stunning natural landscapes and crystal-clear waters. Xel-Há is all about marine life, snorkeling, and nature in a cove that flows into the Caribbean Sea.

Visitors can swim with dolphins, go zip-lining, and explore the beautiful jungle scenery on foot or by bicycle.

You can ride a bike along the jungle paths, jump into the water from the “Stone of Valor,” zip line, and feel the excitement of the tallest waterslides in the entire Riviera Maya at the Mirador Lighthouse. Enjoy Tulum and the natural wonders of this park in the Riviera Maya.

Xel-Há is an all-inclusive park, so the buffet and open bar are part of the experience.

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer at Xplor Park

Xplor Park is a zip-line park in the heart of the jungle, where you can do adventure activities with the most modern and safe equipment.

Enjoy fun zip-line adventures in the most visited zip-line park in the world. Xplor Park is an adrenaline-pumping park for thrill-seekers. The park features zip lines, underground rivers, and off-road vehicle tours through the jungle.

Ride through the jungle in amphibious vehicles, slide down mind-blowing zip lines, stroll through caverns, and explore impressive ancient stalactite formations in the underground rivers.

You can travel through caverns, water slides, and jungle paths with incredible views in the underground expedition. In addition, you can choose your route for this adventure, either a contemplative path or one full of fun obstacles.

And for families with young children, there’s the charming and whimsical Sian Ka’an Village, where kids can play in a water park, interact with animals, and enjoy a variety of rides and attractions.

Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at Xavage Park

This park opened its doors in 2019, and it’s like Xplor but on steroids. Xavage Park is full of extreme activities, including a high ropes course, monster truck driving, and a jet boat ride. This is a park with intense and extreme adventures.

Be aware if you have health issues such as back injuries, heart problems, or if you are pregnant. There’s a minimum height requirement of 1.20 meters for most activities.

Xelfies cameras around the park will capture pictures when enjoying the rides, which can be purchased at the end of your stay.

Explore the Magic of Xochimilco

Spend the evening on board a traditional trajinera, a lively decorated, and picturesque boat, where you will cross a beautiful set of canals.

This is an original and fun way to spend an evening with friends or family enjoying traditional Mexican entertainment and dinner under the stars. This is an authentic Mexican party that you will remember for years to come.

Open Your Senses to a New Reality at Xenses Park

Awaken your senses and witness some illusions up close.

This is a fun and affordable half-day adventure that you can enjoy and then head to the beach or combine with another tour. Fly horizontally, Superman-style, through the jungle or speed down a waterslide that splashes into a cavern.

Relax in the messiest ways as you immerse yourself in a river of clay and confuse the brain where your tilted perception becomes a reality. This half-day adventure “where nothing is as it seems” is exciting for both kids and adults alike.

This series of fun and interactive experiences are packed in an affordable half-day adventure that you can enjoy and head to the beach afterward or combine with another tour.

Journey to the Mystical World of Xenotes

Discover the region’s crowning jewels, the cenotes in the Riviera Maya.

Have fun on your visit, with experiences that take you to interact with four different types of cenotes, through various activities in each of them: assisted rappelling, zip lines, kayaking, and swimming.

Visitors can enjoy these natural environments and feel in harmony with these enigmatic places.

In addition, the Xenotes by Xcaret Tour includes transportation to the four cenotes, a certified guide, a photographer, transportation, food, and beverages. Discover nature in this millenary environment and the connection with a Mayan oasis.

Renew your energy and find harmony with the history, legends, and magic of these ancestral places.

These theme parks are packed with adventures and offer so many activities that sometimes confuse new visitors. Download the Xcaret App before you arrive to find exclusive deals, park maps, and event schedules, and make the best of your stay.

Hopefully, this guide will give you a better idea of what you can expect from each park. No matter which theme park you choose, you’re sure to have an unforgettable time in Riviera Maya.

So pack your bags and get ready for an adventure you’ll never forget!

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